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Easy Ways To Make Money: How to Make Money Fast

Easy Ways To Make Money: How to Make Money Fast

How can you get cash quick if you needed it badly?

Let’s say some unfortunate event happened and you needed a large sum of cash immediately (within a day or two).

You’ve got no time to actually get a job to earn or
make extra money.

How could you get some easy money?

Here are a few ways, listed somewhat in order of risk to your finances. I definitely don’t recommend all of these ideas. But, hey, when times are tough and you need money fast, who am I to judge?

Return Things – Made any purchases recently? Gather up your receipts and take some stuff back for a refund.

Sell Some StuffUse EBay for small and unique items. Set no reserve, and a one day auction, and let it fly. Use your free local Craigslist for large or generic items. This helps avoid any shipping costs too.

Consignment Shops – Gather up all of your unused clothing and sell them for quick cash as a consignment shop.

Sell Some Gold and Other Metals – Don’t use one of those Cash4Gold places. Just go to a local jeweler and pawn shop to get the value. It may take a bit longer, but you will get a more reasonable price.

Raid Your Emergency Fund – This is what you’ve been saving it for. Go to the well. Don’t have one yet? Learn to build an emergency fund.

Cash Out a CD Early – You’ll likely lose any money you’ve earned with the CD, that is unless you have a no penalty CD from Ally Bank. 

Peer-to-Peer Lending - Sites like Prosper and Lending Club will allow you to requests bids for your loan. Your loan will take a few days to get funded. But the rates can be better than credit card rates.

Personal Loan – A bank or local credit union sometimes have small personal loans they are willing to do. An income and a balance in your account will help a bit.

Tap Your Home Equity – If you have equity built up in your home, take out a home equity line of credit (HELOC). These rates can be better than other places, and the principle is going right back into your home. But using these funds to afford excess consumer spending is simply moving in the wrong direction with your finances.

Credit Card Cash Advance – These can be costly because of the interest rate, but are a quick method for getting cash in your bank account. Look for a card with a promotional interest rate if possible.

Borrow from Your 401K – Most employers allow this. While it completely goes against your original intentions for that money, taking a loan from your 401K is an effective way for getting a large sum of money fast. Just make sure you are aware of the rules (i.e. what happens if you’re fired?).

Loans from Friends and Family – I think this is one of the last places you should look for funds. With so many other places to find funds, what risk harming personal relationships.

Payday Loan – And last, and certainly least, the payday loan. Don’t use this method for quick cash unless it is the last place you can find money on earth.

Did I leave anything out? How would you get quick cash?

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