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CheersFile is the Highest Paying Pay Per Download Network.

CheersFile is the Highest Paying Pay Per Download Network. Register now and earn money by Uploading files and earn around average of $2 Per Download.
CheersFile is the Highest Paying Pay Per Download Network. Register now and earn money by Uploading files and earn around average of $2 Per Download

CheersFile is currently one of the highest paying pay per download Network that helps developers and publishers monetize their content. We choose easy surveys, which generates more downloads. Our monetized content locker, Link locker and File uploaded generates high payouts in more than 200 countries which will help you maximize your profit. Give us a try for a single day or two and you can decide and see for yourself, after all, the best way of discovering stuff is by trying yourself. I don't want to sit here and tell you "we're the highest paying", that's what every PPD claims, it's lost all meaning. So SignUp and decide for yourself. Don't just take our word for it in this thread, we urge you to sign up and see for yourself! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask I'm willing to answer all your questions

How it works
When you upload a file to CheersFile, you're given a download link so visitors can access your file. When a visitor clicks the link, they are first asked to complete a quick, short survey. An internet research company will pay you for each completed survey.Once a visitor completes a survey, you're paid usually around $2.00, and their download.

Weekly Payment Scheduled
Everybody loves to get paid every week,so why not with us. We have system who pays the payout to users every week. So work hard to make your payment ready for payout for every Week. To ensure you grow your affiliate earnings All payments will be on-time, every time.

CheersFile Offers
There are currently over +1000 different affiliate offers available through CheersFile.Most offers are focused on the quick lead generation like email and zip submits, while there are also several high paying offers such as weight loss, business and free trial offers.

Pay Per Download
With our unique custom home proprietary platform, we make your experience unforgettable. Get paid for every lead your traffic generates. With years of experience, we understand your needs and wants. It's what makes our network stand out.

Content Locker
Use our content locker technology to lock your valuable web pages. You can customize virtually every aspect of our content locker to ensure your conversions remain high. You can even customize the colors of our content locker to match the branding of your websites.

Link Locker
Do you have valuable traffic? Use our link locker technology to enable your traffic true value. Your traffic must first complete a survey to gain access. Lock your content and get paid each and every time someone tries to unlock your URl. So are you ready to making more cash.

Referral Program
Why not recommend ChersFile to friends or family? You can easily earn more money from our Referral program it is simple just refer people to sign up on CheersFile and receive 5% commission of their total earning which they will make the rest of their life.

Innovative Network
We've taken a different route to every other PPD, we're not ordinary at all, we're different… we promise. In the upcoming weeks/months, you'll see some very big changes to the network and you'll see exactly why we can offer more than every competitor available to date.

Helping Community
CheersFile is more than website Join our Forums and learn how they made hundreds of dollars not only this you will also get our personal VIP method which help you to make more money than any PPD network so don't waste your time on different network just register now.

Payment Methods
Payments are sent out on a Monthly,bi-weekly, weekly and daily basis depending on the amount of volume and earnings an affiliate performs with the network. CheersFile can also pay out their affiliates in the following methods:

Western Union

Need help? Get in touch with our dedicated support team. Contact us via email and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We rely on your support. Let us help! As we grow so will our features. Contact us we are just a mouse-click away!

Personal Affliate Manager
An Account Manager will assign you who will get verified within 72hours. Every new affiliate who joins CheersFile is assigned their own mentor who is available via Phone, Email or Instant Messenger. You will never be stranded if you need help.

Special Bonus
CheersFile platform is consistently being updated and perfected with new offers to ensure publisher the highest paying best performing offers in the industry.Never tried CheersFile ? sign up and post below your username to receive a free $2.00 bonus to help you get started.

If you want to support us by wearing our signature , here is the code. Click The Image Below

CheersFile Highest Pay Per Download Network
CheersFile Highest Pay Per Download Network

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